Associate in Arts

Students enrolled in the AA (Theatre) program must complete a total of 75 units consisting of 18 units of GE courses, 24 units of core courses, 24 units of major Theatre courses, 6 units of non-Theatre elective courses, and 3 units of a legislated course.

The core courses are foundational courses required of all AA (Theatre) students to develop their understanding of theatre and performance as aspects of the creative industries. These consist of theatre history and theory courses. 

The major courses consist of courses on the practice of theatre and performance in the creative industries. These include courses in stagecraft, production management, stage management, and events management, and the Special Project course where students are expected to integrate the knowledge and skills they learned from the program.

The six units of elective courses allow the student to pursue other interests and are intended to provide enrichment.  

The 18 units required GE courses (based on the 21 core courses in the approved 2017 UPD GE Framework) will strengthen the liberal arts formation of the students which is necessary to prepare them for both the professional world and the BA (Theatre Arts) program should they decide to pursue it.

In addition, AA (Theatre) students must take the mandated courses of PI 100 (3 u), NSTP (6 u), and PE (8 u). 

Table 1 shows the classification of courses in the AA (Theatre) program. Except for Theatre 104, which is being proposed for institution, all are existing courses in the Certificate in Theatre Arts which will be replaced by the AA (Theatre) program. 

The checklist of the Associate in Arts (Theatre) program endorsed by the University Council during its 153rd meeting on 24 June 2019 and approved by the Board of Regents during its 1346th meeting held on 31 July 2019:

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