The AA (Theatre) program aims to produce graduates with exemplary skills to work in the creative industries as theatre and performance managers, event organizers, production assistants, technical directors or as teaching assistants and administrative staff in arts, education, cultural, and similar institutions. 

AA (Theatre) is part of a ladderized program that leads to BA (Theatre Arts). AA (Theatre) graduates are qualified to continue on to the BA (Theatre Arts) degree, provided they pass all the admission requirements of program. 

Students enrolled in the AA (Theatre) Program are required to take a total of 75 units: 18 units of GE Courses, 24 units of Core Courses, 24 units of Major Theatre courses, 6 units of Non-Theatre Elective courses, and 3 units of a Legislated Course.

For the AA (Theatre) checklist, click here.


After four stages of Academic Program Improvement from 2015 to 2017, the theatre division came up with new program goals:

  1. Explain key concepts of theatre and performance as aesthetic encounters and as socio-cultural entities;
  2. Articulate critical theories in theatre and performance criticism and praxis;
  3. Perform the fundamentals of theatre and performance research and practice; and  
  4. Carry out professionalism and ethical disposition in actual theatre and performance research and praxis. 

In lieu of the revised program goals, the BA (Theatre Arts) program has five areas of specialization: theatre and performance studiesperformancedramaturgy and directingtheatre management, and technical theatre and design.

In theatre and performance studies, students are honed to learn performance research via performance criticism and performance ethnography.

In the areas of specialization of performance, dramaturgy and directing, theatre management and technical theatre and design, students are provided with practice-led-research theories and methodologies as they develop performance works. Students are honed to develop an intellectual creative practice and self-reflexive performance-as-research where the process becomes more important than the product.  

For the BA (Theatre Arts) checklist, click here.


The Master of Arts (Theatre Arts) program is designed as an interdisciplinary mode in the study and praxis of theatre and performance. Currently, the MA (Theatre Arts) has two tracks: Theatre Studies and Theatre Praxis. The program goals of the MA (Theatre Arts) program are the following:

  1. Explain theatre, performance and other live events as critical concepts for the understanding of the self, society and culture.
  2. Conceive theatre and other live performance events conceptually and analytically
  3. Reflect the significant role of theatre and performance in world and Asian histories, with special emphasis on Philippine histories. 
  4. Reflect Philippine culture and society through the study of its theatre and performance.

Under the theatre studies track, the student has to earn 21 units of core courses and 12 units of cognates (or related courses outside the program) before the student is allowed to write and defend a graduate thesis.

Under the theatre praxis track, the student has to earn 21 units of course courses and 18 units of theatre electives before the student is allowed to come up with a creative project.

For the MA (Theatre Arts) checklist, click here.

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