Tiatco, S.A.P.

Sir Anril P. Tiatco (sptiatco@up.edu.ph) earned his PhD in Theatre Studies from the National University of Singapore. He was a visiting scholar at the Research Institute for Cosmopolitan Cultures, the University of Manchester (2012 – 2013). His essays have appeared in Journal of HomosexualityTourism Management Perspectives, Asian Theatre JournalTDR: The Drama ReviewJATI: Journal of Southeast Asian StudiesKritika KulturaSocial Science DilimanPhilippine Humanities ReviewModern Drama, and Humanities Diliman. He is the author of Buhol-Buhol/Entanglement: Contemporary Theatre in Metropolitan Manila (Peter Lang, 2017), Entablado: Theatres and Performances in the Philippines (University of the Philippines Press, 2015), the National Book Award Finalist for Best Book on Art Performing Catholicism: Faith and Theatre in a Philippine Province (also from the University of the Philippines Press, 2016), and the National Book Award Winner (Best Book on Art) Cosmopolitanism, Theatre, and the Philippines: Performing Community in a World of Strangers (University of the Philippines Press, 2018). A full professor (Professor 3) of theatre and performance studies from the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts and conferred the title University Artist under the UP Artist Productivity System Award (2014–present) upon him by the University, through the Office of the President, Tiatco is currently the Director of the UP Diliman Information Office.

Most recent publications (for the complete list of his publications, click here)


“Staging the Banality of Social Evil: Faust in/and Philippine Contemporary Social Politics.” Performing Southeast Asia: Contemporary, Politics and Performance, edited by Marcus Tan and Charlene Reiandran, 113 – 143 . New York and London: Palgrave Macmillan, 113 – 143 .


“Panata, Pagtitipon, Pagdiriwang: A Preliminary Contextualization of Cultural Performances in the Philippines” Humanities Diliman 16 (1): 55 – 82

(co-authored with Edieser Dela Santa). “Tourism, Heritage and Cultural Performance: Developing a Modality of Heritage Tourism.” Tourism Management Perspectives 31 (July 2019): 301 – 309.

(co-authored with Bryan L. Viray). “From Revolution to Figuration: A Genealogy of Protest Performances in the Philippines.” Routledge Companion to Theatre and Politics, edited by Peter Eckersall and Helena Graham, 89 – 92 . New York and London: Routledge, 89 – 92

(co-authored with Jem R. Javier and Bryan L. Viray) “Chapter 3: The Philippine Performance Archive on Cultural Memory: The Archive as a Cultural Memory and Pedagogy” Digital Humanities and New Ways of Teaching, edited by Ann Wing-bo Tso, 33 – 52 . Singapore: Springer, 33 – 52 .


Cosmopolitanism, Theatre and the Philippines: Performing Community in a World of Strangers. Quezon City: The University of the Philippines Press.

(co-authored with Bryan L. Viray). “Performing Human Rights: Pista Rizalina’s Interrogations of Martial Law, Extra-Judicial Killings, and Historical Revisionism at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.” JATI: Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 23 (1): 215-239.

(co-authored with Jem R. Javier and Madilene B. Landicho). “Recuperating and Reimagining the Palo-Palo in Batanes, Philippines: From Colonial Legacy to a Performance of Solidarity and Friendship” Asian Theatre Journal 35 (1): 1-18.

Most recent conference presentations (for a complete list of his conference presentations, click here):

Performance, Community and Heritage in the Philippines: Critical Ethnography and Place-Making. Oral Presentation. 8th International Conference on Southeast Asia (ICONSEA 2019). Universitii Malaya (University of Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2 – 4 December 2019.

Staging the Banality of Social Evil: Goethe’s Faust and the Allegory of Contemporary Philippine Politics. Oral Presentation. 62ndInternational Federation for Theatre Research 2019. Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai, 8 – 12 July 2019.

Theatre, Devotion, Gender: Figuring the Peñafrancia Ritual-Festival in Bicol, Philippines. Oral Presentation. International Federation for Theatre Research – Asian Theatre Working Group International Colloquium on the Expansion of the Boundaries of the Theatre. Korea National University of the Arts, South Korea, 21 – 25 February 2019. 

Revolution, Documentation, Condemnation: Protest Theatre and Metropolitan Manila. Oral Presentation. 61st International Federation for Theatre Research World Congress 2018. University of Arts Belgrade, Serbia. 9 – 13 July 2018.

Embodied Nation in Protest: Toward a Genealogy of Protest Performances in the Philippines. Oral Presentation. Joint International Federation for Theatre Research Trans-Regional Conference and Asian Theatre Working Group International Colloquium on Bodies in/and Asian Theatre. Asian Center, University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines. 21 – 23 February 2018.

The Digital Archive as Performative Cultural Memory and Pedagogy. Keynote Address. International Conference on English Studies and Digital Humanities. Manniben Women’s College, India. 24 – 25 November 2017.

Performing the Contemporary in Manila: Staging the Domestic Helper or the Dilemma in Presenting Social Problem Play. Oral Paper Presentation. 60th International Federation for Theatre Research Annual Conference. Universidade de São Paolo, Brazil. 10 – 14 July 2017.

The Philippine Performance Archive on Cultural Performance: Archive as Cultural Memory and Pedagogy. Oral Paper Presentation. Digital Culture and Digital Humanities Conference. The Open University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, S.A.R. 1 – 3 June 2017. 

Recuperating and Reimagining the Palo-Palo in Batanes, Philippines: From Colonial Legacy to Performance of Solidarity. Oral Paper Presentation. International Conference on Intangible Cultural Heritage. University of the Philippines Visayas, Iloilo City, 25 – 26 May 2017.

Producing the Original Filipino Musical in the Metropolitan Manila: The Nangingibang Bayan as Analogy, Compensatory Aesthetics as Strategy. Oral Paper Presentation. International Federation for Theatre Research Asian Theatre Working Group International Colloquium on Theatre Hybridity. Manipal University, Jaipur, India. 18 – 19 February 2017. 

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